Alright, sounds good.  How do I sign up?

The best way to sign up is to call our main office 472-8132 and one of
our friendly representatives will be more than happy to assist you.  Or
you can send an e-mail to comfortech@,
expressing your interest.
What is an A.P.S.A?

An Annual Planned Service Agreement is a pre-paid maintenance contract
that assures one of our technicians will come once to twice a year to clean
and fine tune your equipment to keep your system running in a safe and
energy efficient manner.
Annual Planned Service Agreements
Benefits of a ComforTech Residential Maintenance Agreement

  •        Peace of Mind - An automatic, periodic inspection, including lubricating
    adjusting, safety testing and cleaning of your heating and cooling system keeps
    your equipment running at peak, trouble free efficiency.  Completed checklist
    provided after each seasonal service.
  •        Preferred Treatment - A service agreement increases system reliability, but
    should you need emergency service, the agreement entitles you to preferential
    treatment at regular rates.
  •        Quality Service - Our skilled technicians know their business and your
    equipment.  Rely on them and our reputation to give you fast, dependable and
    courteous service.
  •        Parts Discount - 10% discount on all repair parts*.
  •        Convenient - We work with you to schedule your service calls when
  •        Neighborly – Our service techs live in your neighborhood, not off in a
    distant city.  They care.

Call 472-8132 to ask about our
Commercial Maintenance Agreements also,
and keep you business running smoothly
whatever the weather!.

CALL 304.472.8132

Normal Service Hours
8 am to 4:30 pm
Monday through Friday
24 hour Emergency Service