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in Buckhannon, WV

ClimateMaster Offers Environmentally Friendly Heating & Cooling

ComforTech is a knowledgeable dealer in ClimateMaster geothermal products. ClimateMaster products absorb heat in the ground and circulates it throughout your home or business like a loop. These loops provide and your home with comfortable air temperatures, no matter the season. Geothermal systems use less energy, and all of the cool and hot air is coming from the ground. ComforTech wants to be environmentally friendly for their clients, and ClimateMaster helps make that happen.

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What Geothermal Products Can Do for You

ComforTech installs and services geothermal units that provide heating, central air conditioning, and hot water for your home. These systems do not use any kind of gas or oil to make the units operate; the whole process comes from the ground.

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ClimateMaster Products that ComforTech Provides

ComforTech offers ClimateMaster installation and maintenance for counties in West Virginia. ClimateMaster systems stabilize temperatures to help your home feel comfortable, no matter what temperature or season it is outside.

The ClimateMaster products that ComforTech provides, includes:
  • Water Source Heat Pumps
  • Water-to-Air Heat Pumps
  • Small Capacity Indoor Units
  • Large Capacity Indoor Units
  • Vertical Indoor Units
  • Duct-Free Console Units
  • Rooftop Outdoor Units
  • Water-to-Water Heat Pumps
  • Outside Air-to-Heat Pumps
  • Cost-Effective Outside Air System
  • Heating & Cooling Control Systems

ComforTech Provides Services to Counties in West Virginia

Upshur County, WV
French Creek
Rock Cave

Lewis County, WV
Jane Lew

Randolph County, WV
Valley Bend
Mill Creek

Barbour County, WV

Harrison County, WV
Nutter Fort